Privacy policy

The privacy policy of our online pharmacy is an integral part of the regulation. Any approval of the regulations by the user implies the approval of this policy at the same time. Before the user decides to use the offer of the shop, you must first read the privacy policy, which precisely defines the rules for the treatment of the data and the data protection regulations for the people who use the web site. 

The administrator of personal data is the store owner and the administrator of the personal data of the customers who visit the web site. This is true for both registered clients and for other buyers

The company treats all personal data collected in compliance with applicable EU directives (“GDPR”).

Any consumer (now called the “user”) who accesses, navigates, uses the web site or sign up to the newsletter, you must accept the rules of this policy, as described below.

All users who use the services of the pharmacy in the process of buying and selling are always obliged to have the latest version, which will be communicated to them every time.

Collection of personal data

The information is completed by the pharmacy with respect to:

● registration of the account, 

● to place orders. 

The consolidation of the information includes: first name, last name, delivery address, phone number, e-mail, credit card and/or bank account, the user name and password of the individual and the IP address of the computer from which the user is registered or has placed the order.

In the case of the company, their name, tax registration number, and address are registered in the National Registry of the Courts (KRS) and according to which they perform their activities.

At the time of registration and login, the user is required to enter a password to access the individual. The user can change the password, which he invented at any time. If the person who has the account loses the password, the pharmacy allows it to create a new one. The pharmacy does not send a password reminder forgotten or lost. All passwords are encrypted, making it impossible for anyone, including the administrator, read them. To create a new one, you must enter the same e-mail address that you have entered in the login form and click on the button “Remember password”. Is automatically sent an e-mail with a temporary password, which allows the user to login. Next, you need to change the password from the temporary one to the new one, by clicking on the “Change password”. 

Since the pharmacy, in accordance with the current regulations, mainly sells drugs, plays a delicate tasks, including: health information, a collection of prescription drugs, medical devices, in particular, names of medications, dosages, quantities ordered, existing diseases, disorders and medical history.

If the data entered from the information, create an account or complete an order in the pharmacy, which indicates that it is valid, the pharmacy has the right to refuse at any time to comply with the instruction that has been created and, in exceptional cases, to report the matter to the police. carries out operations multi-faceted and diversified in accordance with its policy of respect for the integrity of the users.