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Priligy Generic

A large percentage of couples face a problem when the woman has just warmed up, and the man has already reached the final. Such situations are unpleasant and are a big obstacle in harmony between people. The peculiarity of the male body is that the strong half of humanity comes to sexual discharge much faster than a woman. Such an obstacle does not allow the couple to fully enjoy sexual intimacy. 

Modern medicine offers the male population not only Viagra, but also Dapoxetine-based prolongator drugs. They help to prolong sexual intercourse, thereby giving pleasure from intimate contact. You can buy a Prolongator (Dapoxetine) without a prescription at any stationary pharmacy or by ordering online.

Priligy Generic 60

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Characteristics of prolongers

The prolongator is aimed at reducing the sensitivity in the head of the genital organ due to the anesthetics that are part of this Prolongator. Lidocaine and benzocaine are often used. A component of the Prolongator can be menthol, which creates a cooling effect and reduces sensitivity. Generics are a modern solution that helps prolong sexual contact.

Generic prolongers in the form of tablets and powder should be used for early ejaculation caused by nervous overstrain or psychological stress. The medicine is aimed at simultaneously calming and toning the reproductive system. The main advantage of the prolongator is the removal of emotional overstrain and help in controlling arousal.

Prolongers (Dapoxetine) help prolong sexual intercourse by an average of 30-40 minutes. Available in four forms::

  • sprays;
  • creams;
  • gels;
  • napkins.

The most common prolongation drug is Dapoxetine. Prolongation of sexual intercourse may be necessary for men at any age. The problem of early ejaculation occurs in both young guys and adult men.

The causes of rapid ejaculation can be:

  • stress, nervous strain, fatigue;
  • prolonged abstinence;
  • individual characteristics of the body;
  • diseases of the reproductive system, such as prostatitis;
  • high degree of sensitivity of the glans penis.

Taking the drug

Dapoxetine is the most popular prolonger in the modern pharmacology market. Take Dapoxetine 30-50 minutes before the intended sexual intercourse. The action lasts for 4-6 hours. Do not increase the dosage yourself. Dapoxetine is recommended to be taken no more than 2-3 times a week.

To calculate the most correct dosage of Dapoxetine in the Prolongator, a preliminary consultation with a doctor is recommended. If side effects are detected, the generic drug should be discontinued.

What do you need to know before using it?

Generic prolongers (Dapoxetine) are available in the form of a spray, gel, tablet, and ointment. If you have a problem with the sensitivity of the penis, you should choose a prolongator cream or spray. Creams have a fat base, so excess before sexual intercourse should be removed. The fat contained in the composition can not only negatively affect a woman’s feelings, but also destroy the latex of the condom. 

Sprays are considered the most versatile prolongers. It takes only 3-5 minutes for the generic product to fully absorb and act. Gels have a water base, are well compatible with a condom and act in 5-10 minutes. 

Dosage of Dapoxetine in the Prolongator

Dapoxetine is available in dosages of 30 and 60 mg. The optimal daily dosage is 60 mg. If necessary, it can be increased to 90 mg. It is recommended to take 1 tablet a day 2-3 hours before sexual contact. Food intake does not affect the absorption of the generic prolongator.

Interaction with other medicines and alcoholic beverages

It is not recommended to take a Prolongator (Dapoxetine) with alcohol, as there is a risk of lower effectiveness and the possibility of adverse reactions. Generic drugs are not compatible with taking antidepressants. People with lactose intolerance should not use Dapoxetine Prolongers.

Contraindications of the active component of the drug

Prolongers are safe for the body and have mild side effects. Contraindications include:

  • heart problems;
  • nervous disorders;
  • component intolerance;
  • heart and kidney failure;
  • epilepsy;
  • depression.

Side effects

You can buy generic drugs without a prescription. To determine the dosage of the Prolongator with Dapoxetine, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body, it is recommended to visit a doctor. Identified side effects when taking dapoxetine:

  • pain in the tissues and back;
  • migraines;
  • vertigo;
  • fog in the eyes;
  • dyspeptic disorders;
  • shortness of breath;
  • weakness;
  • hypotension.

Overdose with Dapoxetine

Depending on the dosage of Dapoxetine, nausea attacks, dark eyes, fainting, pressure surges, worsening of chronic diseases, dyspepsia are possible. In case of any side effects, it is strongly recommended to stop taking generic Prolongator tablets and seek medical advice.

Storing generics at home

Generic prolongers should be kept out of the reach of children. Keep out of the sun, in a dry place, the room temperature is 21 degrees.

Responsibility of the administration and the buyer

Prolongers (Dapoxetine) help men prolong sexual contact and enjoy intimacy with their partner. Generics are effective for early ejaculation associated with psychological problems. The drug helps to increase self-confidence, creates the production of endorphin and increases the level of testosterone in the blood. Dapoxetine is considered the most effective remedy for prolonging the sexual pleasure of both partners.